About School


 About School.


Academic excellence is a sub-set of education. Information, knowledge, skills and attitudes & values, all together constitute holistic education.

Govt. High School – 47/A is a school in Chandigarh, where deploys the good ‘holistic education’ practices. Supported by a well equipped infrastructure, it provides a high quality academic program, in addition to opportunities of holistic development. Students grow up rooted in Indian culture and prepare to pursue in a Bright future.

School Code             04011700202
School Name G.H.S 47A
District Name Chandigarh
Revenu Block Name Ward No. 17
Educational Block Name Block No 17
Pin Code       160047
Sector Name Sector 47A
Cluster Name G.M.S.S.S., Sec 33 D, Chandigarh
Village Panchayat Name Chandigarh Ward 17
School Category Pr. with upper Pr & sec
School Management Department of Education
Type of School Co-Educational
Habitation Name  Sector 47
Municipality Name Chd. Municipal Corporation
Constituency Name Chandigarh
City Name    Chandigarh