Swachhta Pakhwada 2017




Swachhta Pakhwada has been organized in the School under the Headship of  Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur and In-charge ship of Mr. Sulakhan Singh, JBT Teacher.

Swachhta was celebrated from 1st of September to 15th September 2017. Various activities were held under swachhta.


Day 1:  (01.09.2017 – Friday)

Swachhta Shapath Day:

On the very first day of Swachhta Pakhwada, Swachhta Shapath function was held. The Pledge ceremony was done in morning assembly in presence of our Headmistress Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur along with all staff members and students took the Pledge.

Classroom Cleanliness, class exercise activity was also done.

Day 2:  (02.09.2017 – Saturday)

Swachhta Awareness:

On the second day a meeting was held, where all SMC Members, parents and teachers participated and a lecture on importance of cleanliness and sanitation was given. The students and teachers were encouraged to maintain hygiene and sanitation in school. Children spoke on swachhta in morning assembly.  Class Quiz was also held on swachhta.

Day 3:  (03.09.2017 – Sunday)

Cleanliness Maintenance and Planning Day:

On the third day of Swachhta Pakhwada teachers inspected sanitary facilities in each and every corner of the school. Teacher along with students cleaned the school ground and premises.

Day 4:  (04.09.2017 – Monday)

Green School Drive:

Planting of new trees in the school premises was done and blue and green dustbins were installed.

Day 5:  (05.09.2017 – Tuesday)

A Quiz competition, poem recitation, skit and a painting competition were held in the school.

Day 6:  (06.09.2017 – Wednesday)

Proper way of cutting and keeping nails clean was taught to the students and almirahs of the office and staff room were weeded out.

Day 7:  (07.09.2017 – Thursday)

Students were demonstrated the proper method of hand washing before eating.

Day 8:  (08.09.2017 – Friday)

Personal Hygiene Day:

An audio – visual programs was organized to demonstrate students and employees for maintaining cleanliness supplementary Books were distributed among students.

Day 9:  (09.09.2017 – Saturday)

Toilet Awareness Day:

Students were taught the hygienic manner of using toilets. Wastage of water in the toilets was checked and controlled.

Day 10:  (10.09.2017 – Sunday)

Community Awareness Day:

A slogan writing competition was organized and a rally was conducted in the community nearby.

Day 11:  (11.09.2017 – Monday)

Exhibition Day:

Exhibition of the paintings, slogans, posters, letters and essays made by students during various competitions was held in the school and parents and SMC members were invited to see it.

Day 12:  (12.09.2017 – Tuesday)

Swachh Water Day:

A lecture was given to the students on organic and inorganic waste in water in order to avoid intake of unsafe water and also on water borne disease. Students were taught how to clean water through natural resources like sand filters and alum.

Day 13:  (13.09.2017 – Wednesday)

Water Harvesting Day:

Students were given knowledge about how to harvest rain water with the help of rainwater harvesting infrastructure built in the school.

Day 14:  (14.09.2017 – Thursday)

Letter Writing Day:

A competition was organized among students of writing letters to the sarpanch or SMC President for maintenance of school toilets.

Day 15:  (15.09.2017 – Friday)

A “Slam Book” of School with experiences during this cleanliness journey with photographs, and messages from children was formed.


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