Sr. No. Game Players Position
1 Taekwando Kanchan 3rd
2 Taekwando PremSheela 3rd
3 Sqay Martial Art Annu 3rd
4 Kick Boxing Monika 3rd
5 Sqay Martial Art Savitri 3rd
6 Sqay Martial Art Sonu 3rd

Music Room



The School trains its students on use of Musical instruments and integrates music education with the development of motor skills, verbal/nonverbal communication, creativity and problem solving. It introduces students to the rudiments of music i.e. rhythm, melody and harmony, various instruments and their tone colors, music history, composers and musical styles. Students are given opportunity to create music on instruments including Keyboard, Drum, Harmonium and Tablas etc. under the guidance of Music Teacher. Students also perform recitals and concerts during School functions.

Members of Harassment committee

List of members of the Harassment committee:



  1. Mrs. Parveen Asha
  2. Mrs. Veena
  3. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur
  4. Mr. Sukesh
  5. Mrs. Ravinder Kaur


Free UNIFORM & Free text books & stationary

As per the policy of the Administration, free uniform, text books and notebooks are provided to Students from I to VIII.

Every year a group of teachers assess the changing field of requirements so as to ensure that only those books are introduced which bring the students at par with the rising trends in education to improve its quality. The syllabus are checked regularly by subject experts.

The quality of exercise note books is also checked by group of teachers under the chairpersonship of Head of the Institute.

School Staff Details.

School Staff Details 

Sr. No. Name of the Official Designation with subject taught Qualification
1 Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur Headmistress M.A. (Music Vocal); M.Ed.
2 Mrs. Satya Devi TGT – Punjabi  Punjabi M.A. (Pbi); B.Ed.; Giani
3 Mrs. Harpreet Kaur DPE                      Physical Edu. B.P.E; D.P.Ed.
4 Mrs. Ravinder Kaur TGT- S.St. Mistress M.A (History)   B.Ed.
5 Mrs. Babita TGT – Hindi Mistress M.A(Hindi), B.Ed.
6 Mrs. Hemlata TGT- S.St. Mistress B.A, B.ED
7 Mrs. Mona Kaushish TGT- Science (Med.) Mistress B.Sc., B.ED, M.A(Eng)
8 Mrs. Babita Bahuguna TGT- S.St. Mistress M.A. (Pol. Sci.) B.Ed.
9 Mrs. Anita TGT – Hindi Mistress M.A. (Hindi), B.ED, JBT
10 Mrs. Daljeet Kaur TGT- Science (Non-Med.) Mistress M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.ED.
11 Mr. Ajay Kumar TGT Fine Arts Master B.FA
12 Mr. Sukesh TGT- S.St. Master B.A., B.Ed
13 Mrs. Manjit Kaur JBT Teacher  B.A., JBT
14 Mrs. Sushma Verma JBT Teacher  B.A., JBT
15 Mrs. Rekha Sharma JBT Teacher M.A.(Pol.Sci.), JBT
16 Mrs. Dimple JBT Teacher M.A.(Eco), JBT, B.Ed.
17 Mr. Shekhar Bhatnagar JBT Teacher JBT, B.Ed.
18 Mrs. Anupam Sharma JBT Teacher B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A.(Eng), D.Ed.
19 Mrs. Jyoti JBT Teacher B.A., JBT, M.A. (Hindi).
20 Mr. Sulakhan Singh JBT Teacher 10+2, ETT
21 Mrs. Maneesh Kumari JBT Teacher MA (Pol. Sci.), MA (Hindi), JBT
22 Mrs. Kiranjot Kaur JBT Teacher ETT, B.A., B.Ed.
23 Mrs. Nitu Lakra JBT Teacher B.A., JBT, M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed.
24 Mrs. Aman NTT Teacher MA, B.Ed., NTT
25 Mrs. Parminder Kaur Librarian B.A. M.Lib.
26 Mrs. Pushpinder Kaur Clerk B.A.
27 Mr. Gurmeet Singh Peon Middle
28 Mrs. Luxmi Devi Sweeper Nil
29 Vinod Kumar Sweeper Nil
30 Ashok  Gate keeper-cum- Chowkidar 10th Pass
31 Amit   Gate keeper-cum- Chowkidar B.A
32 Ravinder   Gate keeper-cum- Chowkidar 12th Pass
33 Parvati Aaya 10th Pass
34 Shweta Bhardwaj Computer Instructor M.Sc. (Maths); PGDCA; B.Ed.
35 Monika STT  M.A., B.Ed.
36 Sunita STT  B.Sc.,B.Ed.
37 Simi Counsellor BA, MA (English), NTT
38 Shamim Mid Day Meal Aaya 10th Fail
39 Jashoda Mid Day Meal Aaya   —– 
40 Pooja Mid Day Meal Aaya 7th pass
41 Bharti Mid Day Meal Aaya 5th Pass

Science Lab



Science Lab:

At school, students are encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. There are laboratories for science. The laboratories are airy and well-lit. A lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student use, with wash areas at every table.

School Computer Lab



Computer Lab:

In the age of IT , computers have become a necessity. These labs are well equipped with latest technology DELL PCs and a network binding them together. Internet facility with broadband connection paves the way for the students to become highly skilled resource persons and technocrats in the near future.

These student laboratories support the academic study of Computer Science as a subject. The highly qualified teachers bring about this new confidence in the students by making them ‘tech savvy’.

School Library




The school houses a Library covering 600 sq. ft. space with Senior and Junior Sections, stocked with about 5500 books and various kind of other readable material that cover fiction and non- fiction in all genres and subjects.
In fact, the library specializes in the reference section where the students are actively encouraged to use the library for independent study and for their presentations and projects.
Library stocks are routinely updated with latest addition of the books available in the market.

Sports Facilities.



Sports facilities and extracurricular activities undertaken in the school:-

The school offers the Sports Facilities to take part in various sports activities. The Coaching and training in various sports disciplines is imparted by the sports teachers of the institute. They may also allow the use of its grounds to conduct practice matches with other school teams to improve the quality of sports and to create interest in various sports events .

There is also special provision for sports gradation in the sports disciplines or for the purpose of admission in the professional colleges and schools as per norms of sports gradation policy.

The sports and games available in the Institute :

Athletics, Boxing, Badminton, Football, Judo, Yoga, Chess, Hand Ball, Kho-Kho, Karate, Kabbadi, Volleyball and taekwondo.

Minor Games for junior classes:

Rubber Ring, Skipping Ropes, Carom board.

Mid day meal



Mid day meal

As per The National Program of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) popularly known as the Mid-day-Meals (MDM) scheme aims to cover all students in classes I to VIII. The objective of the program is to give a boost to universalisation of Primary Education by increasing enrolment, attendance and retention and simultaneously impacting on nutritional status of children in primary classes.
The mid day meal is provided to the students in this school from following sources.

•    Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management (AIHM), Sector 42,        Chandigarh.
•    Rajiv associates, GMSSS 47, Chandigarh.
•    Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management(CIHM). Sector 42-D,     Chandigarh.
•    Shivalik View — Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO), Sector 17, Chandigarh.